Italian composer and arranger.

The composer is the one who, after swimming in an ocean of emotions,
is able to describe every single drop with music.
Giulio Burini
Photo in dark tones of composer Giulio Burini performing a piece on keyboards.

About me

Born in Perugia (Italy), he began studying drums at the age of 10 under the guidance of jazz drummer Alberto Argirò.

Determined to face the world of musical professionalism, he graduated in “Pop Drums” at the Saint Louis College of Music (Rome), drawing over time on the experience of true living cornerstones of the sector, both in Perugia and in Rome, such as Gianni Di Renzo, Daniele Chiantese, Claudio Mastracci, Marco Pellegrini and many others.

After thoroughly experimenting with similar musical genres such as Rock, Metal, Progressive and Hardcore (sharing the stage with international bands such as Protest the Hero, The Contortionist, Mnemic, Destrage,
DGM, Secret Sphere, The End at the Beginning and Despite Exile), the taken path then led him to acquire the language of dance music, with the entry into consolidated lineups of Central Italy such as Orchestra Spettacolo Rita Braida, Laura Polverini Band and Rio Cafè.

In order to broaden his knowledge in the musical field, he attended the two-year academic course of “Applied Music” at the Saint Louis College of Music, studying arrangement, orchestration and above all composition intended for different types of media (cinema, television, theatre, video games , etc).

At the moment, he brings on a stable career as a composer, arranger, orchestrator, live musician and session player, as well as a drum teacher at the Stix Music School in Perugia and in collaboration with ASSIOMI (Associazione Italiana Musica d’Insieme).

As an arranger, he participated in the production of the debut EP of the Italian rock band Sparking Blows, working directly with the BLAP Studio (Lazza, Rancore, Fabri Fibra, Irama, FASK, etc.).

As a composer, he has repeatedly collaborated with the animation students of the Nemo Academy (Florence) in the creation of some ANIMATICs, such as “Showtime” (2022) and “Close in Distance” (2023).

Giulio Burini’s activity consists of numerous high-profile facets; the experience gained over the years through his contribution to multiple projects makes each new collaboration a careful and accurate process, aimed at achieving an optimal result, facing any type of commission or request in the aforementioned areas.



Every movie, short film, commercial or video game needs the right musical accompaniment. “Composition for Screen” is a process that deserves the utmost care and attention, in order to best support and enhance any audiovisual product.


Making music express its maximum potential, attracting a specific target audience, is the ultimate goal of any author. The arranger can assist you in the path taken, giving you full support in achieving sounds that respond to the purpose.

Sound design

Recreate a particular sound effect or a specific textural atmosphere, in order to make the soundtrack of a multimedia product the most effective possible and with a strong impact. By using traditional methods, modern forms of “Sound Design” allow this and much more.


Adapting your music to a specific type of ensemble is often a necessity. The orchestrator's goal is to assist you in this process by defining the harmonic/melodic role of each individual instrument.


Some of my compositional work
Only God Forgives
The Blind Forest



Giulio Burini worked with me under production in BLAP Studio (Milan) as a composer and editor for the debut EP of my band: Sparking Blows.
As a composer, Giulio has been dynamic and able to adapt to a genre he never played. He has been capable of catching the vibe and ideas in our minds, while bringing a new perspective to some of our songs.
He also met some of the BLAP Studio's high-quality requirements regarding submitted tracks, technically and sound-wise.
Edoardo Del Principe
EDP (Sparking Blows)
Working with Giulio has been a pleasure from start to finish. Very helpful, open to listening and with a professional attitude, the result satisfied me far beyond my expectations.
I can’t wait to see more of his works in the future!
Eleonora Mini
Animator & Digital artist


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